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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fit to Model - Portrait Photography

I decided to take a break from introspection and personal growth for a day or two and do some actual work this past week. Just kidding. Kind of. Not really. But mostly.

I was thinking to myself one day when one of my favorite personal trainers, MK, called me to tell me that I HAD to shoot his client because she is PERFECT for fitness modeling. 'She is so fit,' he kept saying.

And I was impressed with not just the truth to his sayings (and his work!), but also to how great it was to work with MK and Corie. A new friend and assistant of mine, Dan and I loaded the car with gear and set out to the Land of Gracious Living last week to meet Corie, her mom, Laurie and MK for a really pleasant morning. We shot a couple hours and Corie was great in front of the camera, and Dan, MK and Laurie were great behind it.

So I spent some time with Corie last week to work on her image as she prepares to show it to the world. Fitness Magazine, Shape, Health and Fitness, etc, etc, are the pages in which she wants to turn next. Rock it, girl, I say.

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  1. "So fit" is an understatement! Hello abs, why don't you show up on me?! Haha! Happy to see you take a "break" :)