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Friday, February 19, 2010

Tanzania to SoCal - Documentary Photography - Documentary Thinking

Here's what I think:

I think life is GOOD.
I think all people, deep down, are good.
I think that most of our daily experiences are interpreted with conditioning: if we condition ourselves with negativity, we will be depressed; if we condition ourselves with magazines, we will want to be skinny; if we condition ourselves with taking care of our dogs, we will walk with them every day.
I think that if we show love, we will feel love. Every day.
I think that uncontrollably laughing is one of the greatest feelings in the world.
I think that betrayal is one of the worst feelings in the world.
I think there is time to talk, and time to listen.
I think that life in Southern California costs too much.
I think that life in the Midwest is filled with more eye contact.
I think that Avatar is a beautiful movie, and that all of its creators have amazing minds.
I think that food, it's creation, it's portion controlled consumption, and it's sharing with friends, is one of life's greatest joys.
I think that building a business is one of the most challenging things I've ever done.
I think Karma is real.
I think that photography is going to change my life beyond my wildest dreams.
I think Dorothea Lange said it best when she said 'the camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.'
I think that African human skin is strong and beautiful.
I think God has shown me a shade of this world that far too many will never see.
I think that connecting with people, through touch, embrace, tears, intellect, emotion and beyond, is crucial.
I think I need to make more money.
I think I'm conditioned to think I need more money.
I think I have too many bills.
I think I have too much stuff.
I think I need to give more.
I think that if Tanzanians can live on less than one dollar a day, I majorly over-consume.
I think I need to keep thinking.

All images shot in Tanzania with the Diana F+ lomography 35mm.


  1. i think that these may be the most beautifully shot photos ive seen yet. the blur is life, the emotions are real, they are simply true. i shake my head in amazement at how much i FEEL your images ... and your words. cheers my friend, you are RAD!

  2. You captured something that so many people will never experience and you caught the emotion throughout it all..Its BEAUTIful!

  3. Oh I did see these the other day! I just didn't notice the caption that said they were shot with your Diana. These are my favorite for sure!

  4. You are SO talented. I'm very proud of being your friend.